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Accelerated Learning the Hard Way Series

Accelerated Learning Courses

If You Can Cook You Can Code Series

Expert Series

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Accelerated Learning the Hard Way Series

  1. Research the Hard Way. Start your learning process the right way with proper research. Every chef knows the most important first step is getting high quality ingredients. Do the same with your learning. Apply this promo code.
  2. Speed Reading the Hard Way. Take your reading to the next level and learn quickly judge the value of each book you read by understanding how books are published and marketed.  Apply coupon.
  3. Notetaking the Hard Way is the most ppoular course in the series. Learn how to take the right kind of notes in each situation and how to organize them for easy retrieval.  Redeem promo code.
  4. Memory the Hard Way. Learn the memory techniques that the top memory champions in the world use to memorize high volumes of information quickly. Plus, how to store information in your own “memory hard drives.” Get coupon on Udemy.
  5. Taking Action the Hard Way. Learning means nothing if you don’t take action on it. Learn how to get yourself to take action on every learning project so you can get to the next level in your career or business.  Take action on this coupon.

Accelerated Learning Courses

  1. Creativity: Creative Genius for Entrepreneurs. Learn the secrets to being highly creative in your field. You’ll gain the ability to solve problems creatively by taking problem strategies from one area of your life and applying them to your target problem.  Udemy discounted instructor course.
  2. 50 Accelerated Learning Machines gives you the top 50 desktop and mobile apps to take your learning to the next level. Each of these apps has the potential to transform the way you learn and save you countless hours. My best Udemy coupons are here.
  3. Accelerated Learning for Non-Readers. Don’t like to read? Don’t have time? Have extra time when commuting to work or at the gym? This course gives you all the best strategies for learning fast even if you never read or touch pen to paper. Save on this Udemy course.
  4. Minimalist Guide to Accelerated Learning. Don’t have the time or energy to implement every strategy or use every new app? Want to cut down on the clutter and waste? This course gives you the bare bones system that will boost your efficiency with limited time. Save on this Udemy course.
  5. Ace Your Finals. Get ready for your finals with this course specially designed to help you score straight As on all your finals. Save on this Udemy course.
  6. Create an Accelerated Learning Flowchart with Watercolors. Visualize your learning system by drawing it out as a flowchart. Then take it to the next level by adding watercolors so you can have something by the end to frame on your wall as a constant reminder of your new learning system. Footage of me painting inside. Save on this Udemy course.

If You Can Cook, You Can Code Series

  1. If You Can Cook, You Can Code. My most popular course, which gives an easy to understand answer to the question: “What does it mean to learn how to code? And how does programming work?” All in basic term, taught through the metaphor of cooking, so anyone can understand. Preview this course on Udemy.
  2. If You Can Cook, You Can Code – Intro to Computer Hardware. This course shows you how the hardware side of computers works. It’s a lot less complicated than you may think.  Get this Udemy course for $25.
  3. If You Can Cook, You Can Code – Learn Python. Get a basic introduction to one of the most popular, and fastest growing, modern programming languages. Taught through the metaphor of cooking.  Visit Udemy.

Expert Series

  1. Expert Series: All Experts are Liars. Here’s a tough question: “How do you evaluate someone who knows a lot more than you do about a subject?” That’s what this course answers. The top strategies for separating the real experts from everyone else. Free Udemy course!
  2. Expert Series: How to Model Experts and Top Performers. You have a role model, but how do you most efficiently model their strategies so you can get to a high level of performance. The tools and frameworks are in this course.Here is a promo code to this Udemy course.
  3. Modeling Report: Elon Musk’s Business and Learning Strategies. THE leading entrepreneur of this generation. What is the story of his education? How did he educate himself? How did he build such a high level of skill in multiple areas? Answers inside. Includes information not in his recent biography, like the small school he founded called “Ad Astra.”Redeem a coupon here!